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Escape Room Player trapped in a locked keyway

About Our Escape Rooms

Welcome to Esxoss Manway, Calgary’s best and most technologically advanced escape room experience! Hao Fei founded Esxoss Manway in 2015 along with a passionate team of designers who strongly believed that Calgarian teens and adults deserved more and better entertainment options. Escape Rooms are one the newest and coolest forms of entertainment available to Canadians and across the globe. Our talented team of designers visited and studied hundreds of Escape Rooms abroad before redesigning and implementing the best elements from around the world here at Esxoss Manway for Calgarians to enjoy.

An escape room is a live-action gaming experience. Instead of playing a character on a screen or a board, you become the character in a real-world fictional event. In Dreamweaver, you will dive into the abyss of the unconscious. As a part of a team in Bedlam, you will discover the truth about the asylum. And in a mission gone wrong, Escape From the High Castle takes you back in time to escape from Nazis. These adventures provide Calgarians with a place to challenge themselves and test their limits within a real, tactile environment. But just like when you play the hero in a video game, you’ll find our fictional worlds work a little differently than everyday life. In our Escape Rooms, you’ll find hidden passages, and we’ve skillful used technology, so that as you interact with your environment (sitting on furniture, moving and touching the props), you can trigger events within the game. There will be puzzles to solve, but our Escape Rooms are action oriented (the plot is moved forward by how you interact with the room) rather than a pure test of logic.

While other Escape Rooms exist in Calgary, we believe that our research and commitment to the player experience truly sets us apart. Many of the Escape Rooms you find in Canada are only one or two small rooms, while every theme at Esxoss Manway includes a full set with an average of four rooms per theme. The extra area gives us the space to invite large groups of friends or coworkers to play together, and we also have the luxury of filling the rooms with more interesting artifacts and furniture for the players to interact with. Also, while many Canadian Escape Rooms have limited use of technology, Esxoss Manway utilizes sounds, lights, lasers, video, hydraulics, mechanics, sensors, fog machines, and many other forms of technology to truly bring you into the world you are experiencing. Our designers spent months crafting themes for the perfect gaming experience. Simply choose your theme and fall into the fantasy.