Are They There for the Team or Themselves? - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

Are They There for the Team or Themselves?

September 12th, 2016
Are They There for the Team or Themselves? - Esxoss Manway - Escape Rooms Games Calgary

Ambition can be a wonderful thing. It can fuel an employee to go the extra mile, to arrive early, and to leave late. But ambition alone doesn’t make someone a great supervisor or manager. Having talent and drive isn’t all there is to being the best choice for a promotion. While the ambitious employee at your office may be a good choice for that new opening, you first need to know whether they’re there for your team or just for themselves.

How are Their Leadership Skills?

No one is debating on whether this employee has the discipline and drive to get their work done, but how is their patience with new employees? Are they excellent teachers and motivators, or do they subtly work against their coworkers in order to look better themselves? Try placing this employee in different types of group dynamics. See if they’re both able to lead and to follow. Take them outside of their comfort zone. Scheduling team building exercises at Esxoss Manway is a great way to test how an employee works under a time limit when facing new and challenging tasks.

Can they Delegate?

Many great workers struggle to delegate tasks. Their high standards make it difficult for them to trust others to do the work well. So instead of delegating simple jobs so they can better concentrate on more challenging issues, they end up over-supervising the easy tasks and letting their own work go forgotten. Before promoting someone, make sure they’ve formed good relationships with their coworkers. Trusting the staff to be competent is an important part of being able to effectively delegate. We suggest taking your whole team to an escape room where they’ll need to communicate and work together. During the escape, you can see how your employees interact. Can this employee direct his or her coworkers effectively, or are they trying to be the hero and do everything themselves?

There’s more to being a great supervisor or manager than just being ambitious and talented at the job at hand. Your promotion needs to go to a worker who understands team dynamics. They should know who works effectively and well together, who fights, and who will chat about celebrities or sports and get nothing done. They need to remember what every employee’s strengths and weaknesses are in order to utilize the staff most effectively.

Getting your staff out of the office and into an escape room is one of the best ways to get a good feel for the team dynamic. Your staff will be under pressure from the time crunch, facing new obstacles and challenges, and having to work together in order to succeed. If you want to help build the best team and promote the best workers, why not book a monthly mandatory team building exercise at Esxoss Manway? The bigger your team is, the better your discount!

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