Bedlam Room - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

Bedlam Room

April 10th, 2018
Bedlam Room - Esxoss Manway - Escape Room Games Calgary

Escape rooms are some of the best fun around, and we knew we wanted to design and create the best ones in Calgary. That’s why we spent a long time researching and visiting as many rooms as possible. We knew from the beginning we wanted a large scary room, and we quickly settled on a British insane asylum. Bedlam offers a straightforward escape experience with puzzles that are more intuitive to understand; it’s a great first theme for any group of friends who have never tried escaping a locked room before.

In Bedlam, you’ll enjoy sinking into the horror fiction as you work against the clock to find your way out of the asylum before it’s too late.

Together with your team, you have been summoned to an infamous insane asylum. The chief physician has suddenly departed, and the hospital has hired you and your colleagues to both check up on the facility and aid in the transfer of the remaining patients. The job seems straightforward enough, but as you uncover more about each patient and the disorders they suffer from, you begin to wonder whether they’re the ones who are insane. And what happened to the chief physician anyways?

The best theme for courageous first time escapers who want to delve into a world of horror and test their teamwork to the highest degree, Bedlam is our largest set and boasts five rooms for escapers to interact with. It ideal for 6-8 players, and if your team wants to escape from this asylum, you’ll need to work together. Choose your friends wisely.

Escape Rate: 30 without any hint, 60% with 3 hints

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