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Feeling ready to book your adventure! Welcome! But, before you schedule your escape, there are a few things our team at Esxoss Manway needs you to know.

First, the name “Escape Room” isn’t figurative. You will literally be locked in a room and have to escape. If that concept makes you freak out a little, this may not be the activity for you. However, the sets are large and the rooms have full video and audio surveillance, so if you need a hint or to go to the washroom, our staff is on hand to help at all times. Since you’ll be in the room, on your feet, and interacting with props and furniture, we recommend wearing comfy, sensible shoes and casual clothes.

Second, objects that are not part of the game are clearly marked with warning tape. If you damage any of these objects, you will be liable, so please don’t touch them. Alcohol and recording devices are forbidden. That means your cell phone and/or camera will need to be locked up in the lobby before the game begins.  

Finally, we reserve all rights to terminate any sessions for security, disrepute, or other grounds deemed reasonable by the management team. Escape Rooms are about meeting challenges head on and having fun. We really, really don’t want to terminate your game. Please don’t make us terminate your game.

Please check out the FAQs below before booking your adventure.



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