Bridge the Generation Gap with Escape Rooms - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

Bridge the Generation Gap with Escape Rooms

November 14th, 2016
Bridge the Generation Gap with Escape Rooms - Esxoss Manway - Escape Room

Ask the average thirteen year old what they have in common with their “oh-so-old parents,” and you may not get a very nice answer. But whether you are your kids best friend and hero or struggling with the teen years, there’s nothing quite like escaping a locked room together to build trust, reestablish communication, and form great memories.

A Game You Both Get.

Your teen likes videogames. They adapt to the newest iPhone or operating system without blinking an eye. Technology comes naturally to them, and they’re used to relying on electronics for their entertainment. You prefer board games, going for a walk, or other forms of entertainment you can touch in the real world. Esxoss Manway combines both of these preferences in new, innovative ways. Together, you and your teen are locked inside a room. There are logical puzzles to solve, technological traps and triggers that will start in-game events, and hidden passages and other secrets that your whole family will need to work together to discover! You don’t need to worry about using a joystick to move around, and they won’t get bored.

Invite Grandma!

Sometimes as grandchildren reach their teen years, grandparents can start to feel like outdated relics that suddenly stopped being cool. Their teenaged grandchildren are too busy hanging out with friends to want to spend the evening at Grandpa’s for dinner. But our escape rooms are a great place for grandparent and grandchild to reconnect. Our rooms don’t require any fitness level or agility, so they’re accessible to anyone age 13-113! Grandma’s clever problem solving and new perspective may even surprise your teen and recapture their respect.

Play Together, Win Together.

There’s nothing quite like conquering a difficult challenge with your teen. Playing to each other’s strengths, communicating fully, and listening are all necessary to escape these locked rooms, and Esxoss Manway is the perfect place to recapture that magic of your parent-child relationship. Often, part of the difficulty parents have with their teens is realizing how grown up and independent their baby has gotten. Your teen has become an intelligent and amazing person, and (though they’ll always need you in some respects) they’re starting to rely on you less. Let our escape room adventures be the place where you see how much your teen has really grown and flowered. Watch them take charge and be a leader. Listen while they give directions and come up with ideas. You’ll be amazed! We work with Calgary teens all the time, and we can tell you, they’re a pretty special bunch.

Whether you want to bridge the generation gap with your teen or with both your teen and your own parents, Esxoss Manway is the place to do just that! Call us today at (403) 475-2599 or book online.

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