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But Can They Lead?

June 6th, 2016
But Can They Lead? - Esxoss Manway - Escape Rooms Calgary

When you’re looking to promote one of your employees, you need more than a skilled worker. The person you’re considering may be a great worker-bee, but that doesn’t make them a great leader that will earn the respect and loyalty of the employees they will be supervising. It takes more than hard work to be the boss. It takes a nact for leadership, an intuition for delegation, and clear communication skills. Test your business’s potential new supervisor at Esxoss Manway.

Leadership is more than just being good at your job. It’s about being able to spot people’s strengths, knowing good advice from bad, and understanding when it’s time to listen and when it’s time to direct. In order to be a good leader, your new supervisor should know how to delegate tasks and work with your team. At our escape room, you can test your potential new supervisor under pressure with a clear goal and time restraint. And the best thing is that you won’t need to risk a project to see if she or he will sink or swim.

Improvisation is a key skill to being able to lead. You already know how your employee performs at work in their comfort zone doing a task they’re familiar with, but how do they manage outside of that? Escape rooms offer you a controlled environment to see how your employee manages resources (their team) when they’re out of the office. Do they suddenly become tongue-tied and lack confidence in a new environment? Probably they’re not the person to send to conferences or have beside you when you’re meeting with the CEO.

Communication may be the most important skill they just don’t teach in school. Our escape rooms are all about communicating. What clues have you found? How do they work with my clues? What does it all mean? If your potential supervisor wants to escape with his or her team, they’re going to need to listen to those around them, communicate clearly, and make decisions. This doesn’t necessarily mean being the bossy-guy in the center of the room accomplishing nothing but making a lot of hot air. While your team is in the escape room, pay attention! Who is the one that’s actually getting things done? Who is your team depending on for advice and direction? That’s the person who’s really leading.

Your business is too important to risk on someone just not cut out for the job. Esxoss Manway gives you a fun and easy way to test your employees and their leadership skills long before anyone catches wind of a promotion even being up for grabs. Book your team today.

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