Classes are Out! Catch Your Breath at Esxoss Manway - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

Classes are Out! Catch Your Breath at Esxoss Manway

May 15th, 2017
Classes are Out! Catch Your Breath at Esxoss Manway - Esxoss Manway - Escape Rooms Calgary

If you’re relieved that university is finally out and all the finals are written, we’re right there with you! All the lectures and the studying for final exams or writing final papers is a ton of work, and we’re so happy that we’ve already left behind that stage of life where you need to balance having friends with doing well in your courses. But now that you have time to breathe again, why not book an adventure at Esxoss Manway?

See All Your Friends!

University is a social place. Two or three years into your degree, you may find you have so many friends it’s hard to invite all of them out to your apartment at the same time. Fortunately for you, we have a better solution! Here at Esxoss Manway, we can easily accommodate large groups. In fact, the larger your group, the cheaper the price. Why not figure out which day works best for the majority of your friends? Then book an appointment!

Easy Access.

What’s the only thing better than an easy way to see all your friends at the same time? Not having to find parking while you do it. We’ve all lived in Calgary long enough to know it can be a nightmare driving and parking in this city. However, Esxoss Manway is located just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Chinook C-train station. This means you and your friends can metro over without worrying about finding parking for everyone. Of course, our location does feature a small parking lot, so if you decide to drive, that will be fine as well.

Relax and Have Fun.

If you love your major, you likely enjoyed writing the essays or solving the calculus puzzles. But after two full semesters of grinding through all the homework, it’s a good idea to just unwind a little. Excess stress for long periods of time isn’t good for anyone, and we hope that all Calgarians feel they have the option to relax and have a little fun once in awhile. That said, sitting in front of the TV and just letting your brain melt isn’t doing you a lot of good either. That’s why we recommend escaping from a locked room. Our adventures come with a great brain challenge combined with excellent company and a lot of fun. It’s good for your heart and your mind!

Now that classes are over, take the opportunity to reconnect with your friends and family. Let the stress go and try to have fun for a little while. Sure summer jobs will be starting up soon — you have to pay that tuition somehow after all. But for a little while, just breathe. Schedule your adventure at Esxoss Manway today.

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