Cool Valentine's Day Adventure - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

Cool Valentine’s Day Adventure

February 1st, 2017
Cool Valentine's Day Adventure - Esxoss Manway - Escape Rooms Calgary

You’ve done the flowers, fancy restaurants, chocolate, kiss-in-the-rain stuff already. And sometimes that’s what works for a relationship. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying traditional courting and romance, but for the numerous Calgarians feeling like they’d like to do something a little different this Valentine’s Day, we wholeheartedly recommend escaping from locked rooms.

Take Your Relationship to the Next Level.

Nothing says soulmates like successfully escaping an asylum together. And while we wouldn’t recommend searching out a nazi-occupied castle to escape from (just the logistics of creating a time machine would be a nightmare), there is something to be said for the high level of communication and teamwork that’s necessary to successfully escape from any of our locked rooms. If you want to see how well you and your partner function under pressure, why not take an escape room adventure?

Great for Just Friends Too.

Can anyone say, “singles-awareness day?” We get it, if you have a partner, Valentine’s Day can be a ton of fun. If you don’t have a partner, Valentine’s Day can be a slow and painful death via drowning in pink and red. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way! Dodge the flowers and the slow dances, and ask your best pals to spend an hour locked in a room with you. Since there’s no cell phones allowed, you’ll even have a blissful hour free of the constant facebook selfies all your happily-coupled friends will be sharing.

No Distractions!

Whether you’re escaping with your buds or your date, we find Calgarians enjoy having an hour to unplug from the rest of the world. This is the night you’re supposed to focus on the person you love, and that means ignoring snapchat, twitter, and the rest of social media for a few hours. Valentine’s Day may market itself out to couples, but romantic love doesn’t have a monopoly on having a great time. So whether you’ll be hanging out with a platonic love or a boy(/girl)friend, schedule your escape today!

Want your Valentine’s Day to have fewer flowers and more adventure? How about booking an appointment for our high-tech escape rooms? We’ll have you solving puzzles, talking out problems, and working together against the clock! For an entire hour, you’ll be electronics free and focusing 100% on each other and the challenge you face together. We fill up fast, so book today!

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