Dreamweaver Room - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

Dreamweaver Room

April 1st, 2018
Dreamweaver Room - Esxoss Manway - Escape Room Games Calgary

After visiting the best escape rooms around, we took what we’d learned from all those rooms and combined that knowledge with the mind-bending inspiration of Inception and the best tech available. Dream Weaver is easily one of the most engaging and fun rooms to play in all of Calgary, as it doesn’t rely solely on logic and problem solving. By using force sensors, mechanical equipment, and magnetic sensors, we’ve created an immersive environment where moving the right object or interacting with the right prop can spark a sudden in-story event.

You’ll enjoy a room filled with the kind of magic you only find in fiction. Hidden passages, lasers, sound and light effects help to truly bring you into the world you must escape.

Together with your team, you have been summoned to the great Yorkshire country manor where the Hughes family lives. The Hughes family is in shock as the youngest son, Leo, has mysteriously died. His sister Lucy believes that their eldest sister Linda is responsible, but she knows she cannot directly tell her father. This is why she has hired and brought you and your team of dreamweavers to the manor. Your team has the ability to plant dreams directly into a person’s mind to change their thoughts and actions in the waking world. She wants you to create a dream that will convince him Linda is at fault. You agree to the job, but immediately your team encounters unusual barriers as you struggle to reach each new level of his subconscious. You keep digging, and soon you realize that your team is in unforeseen danger. Something has gone wrong, and Lucy may not be innocent.

Probably our favourite room to design and build, Dream Weaver incorporates a ton of interesting technology and equipment to create a truly fantastic experience. This set offers a fairly large playing area with four rooms, and it’s ideal for 6-8 players. As always, escaping is better with friends!

Escape Rate: 20% without any hint. 50% with 3 hints.

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