Which of Your Employees Can Lead? - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

Which of Your Employees Can Lead?

November 20th, 2017
Which of Your Employees Can Lead? - Esxoss Manway - Locked Room Adventures

Team building events serve many purposes. They help your employees to unwind and get to know one another, they can help bickering teammates to overcome their differences, and they can also present the boss with a unique opportunity to see how their employees work outside of their comfort zone.

Many higher ups actually use team building to evaluate whether or not an employee is a good candidate for a promotion. After all, if they’re a negative force in the team who has nothing good to say about the change of pace, they probably won’t be the right person to lead the business as it grows and adapts. Team building also offers the chance to see how an employee handles the rest of the staff. Are they polite and direct? Are they passive aggressive? Do they let others walk over them when what they have to say is important? A good leader should know when to listen but also when to speak.

How Do They Handle Stress?

While our escape rooms are fun and interactive, they’re also designed to be a challenge. With 60 minutes ‘til they’re out of time, you may learn a lot about how certain employees react under pressure. Do they simply goof off because an escape room isn’t serious? Or do they get to work, delegating tasks and moving towards success? You should be on the lookout for an employee who can evaluate the room and make decisions with limited information and resources.

Can They Lead in a New Situation?

If you’re considering this employee for a promotion, you already know they’re a good busy-bee. They can complete tasks well, and they show the ability to lead others as well. But being a manager or supervisor isn’t the same as completing what you’re told to do. By placing them in a new situation, you can evaluate whether your employee is only a genius within the confines of their current job description. Just because someone is great at what they do, doesn’t mean they’d be great at supervising what they do.

Whether you have your eye on a few employees for a potential promotion or just want a fun activity for your team to enjoy, an escape room adventure from Esxoss Manway is exactly what you need. We have great deals for corporate events with large numbers of people, and you’ll benefit from even better discounts, if you decide to bring your team twice or even three times. Schedule your team building session with Esxoss Manway today.

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