End of Finals Reward for your Teen - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

End of Finals Reward for your Teen

January 20th, 2018
End of Finals Reward for your Teen - Esxoss Manway - Escape Rooms Calgary

Is it really finally over? The first semester of grade 12 is done. The diploma exams are written. In a few days, the second semester will begin, and then in June, your student will be finished high school forever. How did it happen so fast?

Take a Deep Breath.

It’s hard to imagine that in a few short months your student is going to be graduating and heading off to postsecondary. There are applications to sort out, residence or housing to look into if they’re not staying in Calgary, and so much more. But don’t think about that right now. Right now is a time for looking back at what your teen has accomplished and celebrating!

Many high achieving teens who score almost exclusively A’s don’t think of themselves as exceptional. They don’t really appreciate that their hard work and intelligence are powerful tools to help them succeed in adulthood. As their parents, it’s up to you to demonstrate your appreciation of their effort and your pride in their achievement. Lots of parents do this by giving their kid a set amount of money for each A on their report card, but we have a better idea.

Escape Together!

While it may be less clear now that your teen is getting older, most high schoolers really do want to have a positive relationship with their parents. It may be embarrassing for them to admit, but they’ll enjoy a day of you showering them with affection and pride. You can go eat a fancy lunch together and then do an escape room. The reason we love watching families work through a locked room so much is that our rooms are constructed to really challenge you both to communicate and work together. There are no cellphones allowed, and without the outside world to distract you, you’ll be amazed how well you can suddenly talk.

Congratulations to your teen, and congratulations to you for raising such a great kid. If you want to reward their amazing achievement with an escape room adventure, schedule with us today! Call Esxoss Manway at (403) 475-2599.

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