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Enjoy a Night Out as a Family

May 1st, 2016
Enjoy a Night Out as a Family - Esxoss Manway - Escape Rooms Calgary

Trying to strike a healthy balance between family, hobbies, and work can be challenging for Canadians. Teens have homework and may not want to spend time with their parents anymore. You’re busy enough with your job and trying to keep the house half-organized that you don’t have the time or volition necessary to plan a complicated family outing. That’s where we come in.

A Great Way to Reconnect with Your Teen.

Our rooms are all rated for ages 14 and up. That means they offer a great opportunity to hang out with your teen in an environment that’s safe but also challenges them to grow, listen, and communicate. Escape rooms are all about teamwork, in order to beat the clock, your family will need to work together to solve the puzzles and you either win together or lose together. Teens love the novelty of the adventure, and parents enjoy having an activity they can share with their constantly-changing and growing kid.

Familiar Middle Ground.

During the teen years, parents can feel like they don’t really get many of their kid’s interests. A lot of us grew up before video games were a thing, and it’s kind of mind boggling that our kids can spend hours staring at a screen and pretend to steal cars and fight wars. You may wish for the old days of playing snake and ladders with your preschooler, but unfortunately (and fortunately) kids grow up. However, that doesn’t mean game nights have to be a thing of the past. Our escape rooms are a clear bridge between the gap. Your teen can bring everything they learned about solving puzzles and escaping complicated situations from videogames into a real, tactile game. You get to reconnect with your kid doing what they love: playing games, but without struggling to figure out the controls of the joystick and jump button.

No Planning Necessary.

Perhaps the best thing about a night out at Esxoss Manway is that there’s no planning necessary. Simply show up a few minutes early, spend an hour escaping your room together, and done. We’re just a few minutes from Chinook mall, so maybe grab a bite to eat together before or after the game. It’s the perfect family night out with no planning.

At Esxoss Manway, we pride ourselves on offering all Calgarians an interactive and exciting new adventure. Escape rooms are a lot of fun for people of all ages (14+), genders, and interests. If you’re looking for a family night out that the kids will remember for years to come, book your escape at Esxoss Manway today!

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