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Escape Room Player trapped in a locked keyway

Escape Room Theme Information

Each of our escape room themes was crafted by a team of designers who studied hundreds of Escape Rooms across the world. They reviewed how the rooms were constructed and implemented, and used their knowledge to redesign rooms, improve on concepts, and create our themes. The designers tested and implemented technology into each theme, so that our games could offer a more action-oriented experience rather than a pure, logic puzzle.

Because of the amount of time and preparation that goes into each theme, you can expect the same themes to be available for at least a couple years. But we find many of our clients actually enjoy the consistency. Our rooms are supposed to be a challenge. And the time limit and difficulty means that first-time players don’t always succeed in their escape. But since our themes aren’t going anywhere, you can always come back to try and tackle the room again. And of course, if you get stuck, you can always ask for a hint. For first time players, we recommend Bedlam or Dreamweaver. These adventures are more straightforward and offer a higher chance of success. Escape the High Castle is our most challenging room, and even the most veteran escape gamers may struggle to find the way out.

While our themes are created to build suspense and feel immersive, rest assured that every set is safe even for young teens.


In a Yorkshire country house where the Hughes family lives, everyone is shocked by devastating news. The Hughes’s youngest son, Leo, has mysteriously died. Lucy believes that their older sister Linda is responsible, but she cannot directly tell her father. She hires you and your team of dreamweavers, who are capable of planting dreams in a person’s mind, to convince him. During the job, your team encounters layers of barriers as you struggle to reach each level of his subconscious, and as you dig deeper into his mind, you realize you have put yourself in unforeseen danger. Something is horribly wrong, and Lucy might not be innocent.


After the sudden disappearance of the chief physician from an asylum, you and your colleagues are asked to make a visit to the facility and assist with the transfer of the remaining patients. As you uncover more about the patients and the disorders they suffer from, you begin to question the chief’s psyche.

Escape the High Castle:

In Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe, the success of a plan to assassinate a Nazi leader by a group of Jewish U.S. soldiers rests on you, an owner of a famous hotel who volunteers to break into a general’s office to escape with highly classified documents. Suddenly, you find yourself trapped within a matrix of laser traps. Mission completion seems impossible, but there’s no going back.