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Escape the Heat

August 1st, 2017
Escape the Heat - Esxoss Manway - Escape Rooms Calgary

We don’t need to tell you that Calgary summers can get pretty darn hot. The heat waves we endured throughout July were brutal, and it’s doubtful that August is going to be any cooler. So how do you stay active and engaged when the 35°C weather has you melting on the couch?

Get Out of the House! Extreme heat can sap volition and make doing anything seem like a whole lot of work. But unless you want the entire day to slip away, you’re going to have to get up and face the weather! Sitting on the couch doing nothing may seem easier than actually doing something, but we know you’ll regret spending the entire day accomplishing nothing. Getting out of the house is the first step to getting something fun and productive done.

Activities like running and band are great, but sometimes they’re just not ideal for the summer. That doesn’t mean you should stop doing any activities though; it just means summer is the perfect time to break your routine and try new things. Maybe swimming each day will be a new challenge to replace your daily run. Escaping one of our locked rooms won’t offer you much physical challenge, but it will put your brain to the test. Schedule a regular locked room session with your friends or family and see how much closer you can get to finding your way out each week.

When it comes to escaping the heat, we recommend playing through one of our locked rooms. We’re conveniently located near the Chinook Centre, so we’re easy to reach by public transit, and we also have a parking lot for Calgarians who prefer to drive. Our location at 5720 Macleod Trail SW manages to stay cool all summer long, so you can enjoy a break from summer as you test your mind against our challenging rooms.

Looking for a fun escape? Schedule a locked room adventure at Esxoss Manway today! Our three unique challenges were built after years of research, include multiple rooms, and utilize technology to bring the game to life. Call us today at (403) 475-2599.

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