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Are your rooms physically challenging?

  • Not at all! You won’t need to lift or move anything heavy, and there is no physical challenges involved in solving the room. However, our location is unfortunately not disability-friendly. There is no wheel chair access and no elevator. Sorry!

Can I bring my Cell Phone?

  • Nuh-uh. No cell phones or recording devices of any kind are allowed. Instead, you will be asked to lock them in our lobby before the game begins. If you have super, important reason for why you must have your phone on you, ask the staff. We’re reasonable people.


If our Group is Adults-Only, Can We Drink?

  • Absolutely not. Our location is teen-friendly, so no alcohol is allowed on our premise. We also ask that participants arrive sober.


What Should I Wear?

  • Comfy, practical shoes. Casual clothing.


Does my Teen Need to be Accompanied?

  • Kids 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult.


How Much Does it Cost to Play a Room?

  • $24.95 (+GST) per person. But repeat customers benefit from 15% off on their second visit, and 25% off on their third visit.
  • Birthday deal: When you book a birthday party with a minimum of least 8 participants, the birthday-person gets to play for free and their guests can enjoy 10% off.
  • Large Groups of between 10 – 15 people enjoy 15% off.
  • Corporate events of more than 15 people can look forward to 25% off.


Do I Need to Have Enough Friends Available or Can I Join Another Group?

  • We require a minimum of four players, so you’ll need to find at least three friends.


Can I Make a Private Room Booking for Just Me and My Friends?

  • Absolutely, but you’ll need a minimum of six players if you want a private event.


Is it possible to bring just one or two extra friends? (and exceed room capacity)

  • Absolutely, we’re happy to accommodate large groups (10 – 15 players) and even corporate events (more than 15 players). In fact, we even offer groups between 15% – 25% off our normal rate.


Do I have to book an appointment or can I just show up?

  • We require players to book at least 1 hour in advance, and for larger group events, we strongly suggest booking at least a week in advance.


Is there a confirmation email or anything I need to bring with me to my booking?

  • Just bring yourself! (And your friends)


When should I arrive?

  • Aim to be here at least 15 minutes early. You’ll need enough time to put your coat away, lock up your phone, listen to the rules, and go pee.


Do you do Corporate Functions or Teaming Building Activities?

  • Absolutely! And if your corporate event has more than 15 people, you’ll enjoy a 38% discount.


Will your Rooms Frighten my Child?

  • Maybe? We don’t know your child or how sensitive they are. It’s very possible that they will scream due to a light changing effect or sound effect. But, mostly, we find kids are excited not scared.


Do your Rooms have Strobe Lights, Strong Smells, or any Other Disorientating Features?

  • Our theme, Escape the High Castle, has a slight smell from the fog machine. But we have not intentionally included any disorientating features. Our rooms are about escaping through solving puzzles and interacting with the space, not feeling dizzy.


Will we Actually be able to Escape? / Which Level of Difficulty Should I Choose?

  • The escape rate is 25% for Bedlam, 15% for Dreamweaver, and 5% for Escape the High Castle. Because of this, we recommend first time players should play Bedlam or Dreamweaver. Experienced players should feel free to choose from all of our themes.


What if We Can’t Figure out the Next Step?

  • Don’t worry! Our staff are happy to offer you a hint if you need one.


How Old Do I Have to Be?

  • Teens and adults, who are 14 years of age or older, may create groups as they please.
  • Kids (13 and younger) must have a responsible adult to supervise them.


What if I Need to Pee?

  • If you show up 15 minutes before your game begins (as we recommend), you should have plenty of time to pee before the escape. However, if you must interrupt your experience to visit the facilities, just let a staff member know. They’ll come let you out, and (once you’ve finished) let you back in.


What if I need to reschedule? Is that okay?

  • If you want a refund, you’ll need to notify us at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule.
  • If you aren’t able to let us know in time, we’ll be happy to give you store credit for when you reschedule.


What happens if I cancel my booking?

  • If you want a refund, you’ll need to notify us at least 24 hours in advance to cancel.
  • If you aren’t able to let us know in time, we’ll be happy to give you store credit should you decide to reschedule.