A Final Adventure with your High School Pals - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

A Final Adventure with your High School Pals

August 29th, 2017
A Final Adventure with your High School Pals - Esxoss Manway - Escape Rooms Calgary

While only a quarter of Canadians graduate from University, the majority of us still head off to some form of post-secondary. College, trade schools, and academies all provide options other than the bachelor degree path, and most high school graduates will eventually earn a diploma, journeymen ticket, or degree from somewhere. So how do you say farewell to your high school pals before heading off into the world?

Fortunately for students graduating today, social media and ever faster cellphones means staying in touch is easier than ever. Even if you decide to study in different provinces, you have the ability to stay in touch with your best friends as long as you’re both committed to the friendship. However, that doesn’t mean you should waste any moments you have together in person!

An escape room is the perfect place for your final adventure before heading out of town to see what your future holds. Our locked rooms are 100% cellphone free areas, so there won’t be any distracting notifications to take your attention off of each other. You’ll be able to just communicate and work together to solve each step of the puzzle.

Escape rooms are also just a novel and fun way to spend your time. Almost like a videogame but in real life, our locked rooms let you interact with our space in a new and interesting way. Nothing cements friendships like lasting memories of success or hilarious failure, and with a 25% successful escape rating for a first attempt on our easiest locked room, it could go either way.

Going to post secondary is exciting. It’s a new challenge in your life, and things will change. You’ll make new friends and form new ideas about the world, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your old high school pals behind. Why not do the final adventure of your high school days at Esxoss Manway? Schedule today!

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