Finals are Done! Time to Celebrate! - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

Finals are Done! Time to Celebrate!

June 26th, 2017
Finals are Done! Time to Celebrate! - Esxoss Manway - Escape Rooms in Calgary

If you’re a recent high school grad, you’re probably just starting to relax after a long month of diploma exams that are worth a ridiculous amount of your grade, and which can possibly make or break your goals for next year. But take a breath! They’re finished, and now it’s time to enjoy your last summer break as a high school student.

Make Time for Friends.

University and post secondary are a time of unprecedented change for most young people. There’s adventure and new classes and schools to explore, but often friends are moving to distant places. We encourage you to take that mix of excitement and sadness and to make time for friends who will soon be far away. Schedule time to hang out with them regularly, so that the summer doesn’t slip by faster than you ever imagined.

Have Fun!

Summer as a teen is some of the best time a person has in their life. Most Calgary graduates are still living at home. They don’t need to pay for rent or food, and their part time job can help them pay for tuition. September and a heavy course load will be here soon enough, so enjoy this summer of freedom! Play some video games, spend time outside, and try something new!

Escape from Our Locked Rooms.

A great way to combine spending time with friends with having fun doing something new is to schedule an adventure at Esxoss Manway. Our engaging locked rooms present interesting challenges that you’ll need to work through with your friends. Almost like a puzzle or adventure video game but in real life, escaping from a locked room is not quite like anything you’ve done before.

Trying to find a fun way to hang out with friends who will be leaving for another city or province soon? Or do you want to plan a fun reward for your recent graduate and their friends? Why not celebrate their success at Esxoss Manway? Our escape rooms are a ton of fun, and your teen will love testing themselves against the trials of our rooms. Schedule an escape today! Call us at (403) 475-2599.

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