Get Your Business Back into the Groove of Things - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

Get Your Business Back into the Groove of Things

September 10th, 2017
Get Your Business Back into the Groove of Things - Esxoss Manway - Escape Room Games Calgary

Summer may be our favourite season. With a winter that sprawls from October to April, it’s hard not to appreciate the hot, clear days of July and August. Summer is also the time the city really slows down. People leave for vacations, and everything is quiet for a little while. But how do you get your business back on track after a summer spent half asleep?

Change Up the Office

One of the best ways to revitalize the office and bring new energy to your team is change. Just think about the fresh energy that everyone has in January. One tiny change to the date, and suddenly everyone is feeling ready to take on the new year. You can try moving workstations around or grooming excellent employees for new responsibilities. There’s nothing like a new job title with new skills to master to get a good employee excited.

Have a Deep Cleaning Done

Another way to welcome your team back to work and help them get back in the groove of things is to hire a professional cleaning team and have the whole office deep cleaned. People work harder and appreciate their jobs more when they can take pride in their workplace. A deep cleaning may be the exact facelift your business needs to help everyone feel more engaged in their work.

Invest in Team Building

If you want every employee in your business fitting together like a puzzle to move towards your goal, you’ll need more than a bunch of individuals who all work in the same place — you need a team. Building a team culture takes times and commitment, but by carefully managing conflict and giving employees opportunities to better understand each other, you can create a solid workforce to keep your customers happy.

When it comes to team building, we’re definitely a little biased, but we think an escape room is the best activity. Escaping a locked room offers a shared challenge that your team must work on together to overcome. Sharing resources and skills to overcome a conflict has been proven to unite groups that were once at odds. Escape rooms also require excellent communication skills, leadership, and they’re fun! To learn more about how escape rooms can help your business to run smoother or to find out about our generous discounts for large businesses, contact Esxoss Manways today!

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