Get to Know your Employees - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

Get to Know your Employees

November 1st, 2016
Get to Know your Employees - Esxoss Manway - Escape Room

As they saying goes, people don’t quit jobs — they quit bosses. When the only place your employees see you is at work, it can be hard for them to really know the person behind the directions and management. Which is why a team building activity that gets you away from the office and onto an even playing field can help develop a real community atmosphere among you and your employees.

Let Them Shine.

You’re the boss, and you know best. You started this company, and you’ve been here longer than anybody else. It just makes sense that it can be difficult to let go of certain tasks or responsibilities that you’ve always done. Delegating and trusting the next generation of salespeople or customer service representatives can be hard! What if they don’t know something that you would know? What if they say something you wouldn’t say? Escaping together from a locked room like the ones we have at Esxoss Manways can give you the opportunity to let your employees take charge. See how they do under the pressure. Watch them problem solve and experiment. Give them the opportunity to show you how excellent they really are.

Have Fun.

Nothing melds together a group of friends quite like sharing fun times and stories of shared adventures. Enjoy your time getting to know your employees, and try to relax a little. Finding your way out of a locked room is all about working together and having fun. Remember, many of the events in a room are triggered by interacting with the environment. Flop on the bed. Sit on the chairs. Read books from the shelf. It’ll be a fantastic story for everyone at the office if it’s the boss who accidently triggers the next step spooking everyone as lighting changes and the next step is revealed!

Stop the Shop Talk.

While you’re out adventuring with your employees, remember to talk about something other than work. Get to know what they enjoy doing outside of work and what problems they face— take a mental note of anything you can use later. Listening to how your secretary is always cold may mean a fuzzy blanket would make an excellent secret santa present for them! Take a moment to hear about how an employee’s son is starting school or their daughter is trying out for the soccer team. It won’t take long, and they’ll be a better employee if they feel you can be counted on to listen and care about their problems.

Every tried escaping from a locked room? As the time winds down, the adrenaline goes up! Escape rooms offer an exciting and and rewarding team building experience for everyone. Book your company’s weekly team building adventure! Call us at (403) 475-2599 or book online today!

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