Give your Teen the December Birthday Adventure They'll Never Forget - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

Give your Teen the December Birthday Adventure They’ll Never Forget

December 19th, 2016
Give your Teen the December Birthday Adventure They'll Never Forget - Esxoss Manway - Escape Room Games Calgary

In the humble opinion of this nearly-Christmas baby, there are birthday dates that are excellent and birthday dates that are…less so. My cousins and sister always got fantastic, elaborate birthday parties at the beach or at the pool, while it seemed I, as a December baby, had a lot of the birthday fun absorbed into the Christmas festivities scheduled to occur just two days later. It can be difficult for parents with kids in two very different seasons. Especially if your December-baby likes swimming at the beach and running around barefoot on a warm summer day best.

Invite Friends Early.

Whether you decide to do a movie birthday or an escape room for you teen, it’s a good idea to confirm with guests and parents early. Many families may be heading out of Calgary for the holidays. Others may be having family arrive and be unable to spare their teen. By doing a little planning ahead of time, you’ll know whether you should perhaps move the party date back a weekend. Try to strike a good compromise between the number of friends available and proximity to your teen’s real birthdate. Remember to schedule your reservation once everyone has RSVPed.

Decorate the House Carefully.

The closer your teen’s birthday is to Christmas, the harder this one is going to be. But if your teen is born on or before December 23, it might be worthwhile to hold off on all the Christmas decor. For example, don’t make your teen and their friends share the living room with the Christmas tree for their movie night. Other things, like advent calendars, can’t wait to be set up, but maybe tuck them away just for the night of the party. And remember to still put up any banners or balloons you’d be using for a summer birthday.

Do Something Special.

When it’s cold outside and the roads are icy, it’s really easy to just decide to stay home and curl up in front of the television. But that won’t help your teen feel like their birthday really matters. Instead, it’s important to show the importance of the date by doing something special. If you always go skating on friday, try escaping from a locked room instead. Does their birthday fall on pizza night? Maybe have chinese food instead. What matters is making sure the day doesn’t feel overlooked.

Calgary is full of great adventures and activities to make your teen feel loved and appreciated. Of course, we’d be lying if we didn’t say that we think an escape room adventure is the best one of all. Problem solving, adrenaline, interactive storytelling… it’s like a videogame brought to life, and your teen and their friends really are the characters. There’s really nothing like Esxoss Manways, and they’ll remember this birthday forever.

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