Grandparents’ Day Adventure - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

Grandparents’ Day Adventure

September 1st, 2016
Grandparents’ Day Adventure - Esxoss Manway - Escape Rooms Games Calgary

Do you know what special day is in just under two weeks? Grandparents day! Like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, this special occasion is set aside by people all over Canada to appreciate the wonderful relationship they have with their grandparents. Which is great news, because unfortunately, sometimes Calgary grandparents don’t feel appreciated. Busy, teenaged grandchildren can make a grandparent who isn’t savvy with the internet or smartphones feel obsolete. If your parents and kids are struggling to connect, let Grandparents’ Day be a step in the right direction.

No Cell Phones are allowed in our escape rooms. Your teen’s smart device will be safely kept in a locker, and their attention will be entirely on their grandparents. Your mom or dad will probably appreciate not having to compete for their grandchild’s attention, and while they’re busy escaping the room together, they’ll have a whole hour to really talk.

A Bonding Adventure for the Cousins!

Families live further from each other than ever in our globalized world. Sometimes, it feels like the whole family only gets together on Thanksgiving and Christmas. And depending on your relationship with your siblings and parents, maybe you prefer it that way. But cousins often share a special relationship, and they rarely get to see one another as much as they’d like. Our escape rooms require a minimum of four players but can accommodate groups larger than fifteen. Why not take the grandparents’ weekend as an opportunity to give your kids a special extra weekend with their not only their grandparents but also their cousins.

Enjoy a Quiet Day at Home.

While your kids are out enjoying their great escape adventure with their grandparents, take the day to catch up on your favourite TV shows without fighting with your teen for the remote. Or spread out over the whole couch to read. Maybe go out for a fancy dinner with your spouse. Grandparents’ day can also be a great day for you and your partner to reconnect!

Want to help your parents and your kids bond? Choose an activity that both of them will enjoy! Our escape rooms are great for anyone ages 13-99. There’s no physical exertion, and our rooms encourage cooperation and communication. Book an escape for grandparents’ day today!

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