A Halloween Team Building Activity Your Employees Will Love - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

A Halloween Team Building Activity Your Employees Will Love

October 8th, 2017
A Halloween Team Building Activity Your Employees Will Love - Esxoss Manway - Escape Rooms Calgary

By the time we’ve reached our mid 20s, most of us are over Halloween. We’re far too old to go trick or treating, binging on candy makes us feel ill (plus everyone’s on a low-carb diet anyways), and we’ve outgrown Halloween parties. Especially when we know we’ll be up at 6AM the next morning for work. But if your employees aren’t in the mood for dressing up or otherwise participating in the spooky fun, how exactly are you supposed to harness the Halloween season for team building?

Haunted Houses are a favourite with all ages for one reason. Most people enjoy being spooked and having their adrenaline spike — especially when they intellectually know they’re safe and nothing bad can happen to them. For the most part, people don’t have to worry about something jumping out of the corner to eat them anymore. Haunted houses let us safely experience the emotional overload that comes with feeling hunted. It’s fun to listen for every little sound and wonder what’s creeping around the next corner.

Our Escape Rooms are about as close to a real haunted house as you can get. While we can’t boast any real ghosts, our locked rooms are stuffed full of interesting technology to make your actions in the room trigger in-game events which feel almost supernatural! Dreamweaver is an Inception-esque escape room that has your team delving into the subconscious as you uncover the truth of a murder. And Bedlam is staged in a psychiatric asylum where the chief psychiatrist is missing and possibly insane. What more could a Halloween horror adventure ask for?

Build Real Skills.

The best part of scheduling your team building with Esxoss Manway is that our escape rooms help your employees practice real, important skills. Escaping a locked room will require creative, divergent thinking. It will mean clearly communicating and delegating tasks within the team. In fact, many employers have taken their team for an escape room just to realize the person they were considering for a promotion was completely unsuitable. There’s nothing quite like taking someone out of their comfort zone and having them perform a complex task in a time crunch to see how they’ll really fare as a leader in your company.

Esxoss Manway provides engaging and fun locked room adventures. If you want a team building activity for your employees that will actually have them working together, you should phone us now to schedule the best Halloween Team Building Hour ever.

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