The Importance of Regularly Scheduled Team Building - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

The Importance of Regularly Scheduled Team Building

March 27th, 2017
The Importance of Regularly Scheduled Team Building - Esxoss Manway - Escape Room Calgary

You’re the boss, and you’ve worked hard to create your business. It’s important to you, and you’re proud of your products or services. The last thing you want is your company to be torn apart by rivalries between employees. Unfortunately, office enemies are just the final sign that something has gone terribly wrong. Much earlier signs, like excellent staff members leaving to seek other opportunities or bored workers who feel disconnected from their jobs and their coworkers are just as threatening.

More Than a Job.

The average Calgarian spends 8 hours a day at their job. Add an hour commute either way, and they’re committing 10 hours a day or 50 hours a week to work. That’s a lot of time. When people are pouring so much of their time into their job, it makes sense that they want to get more than a paycheque. They want to feel like they’re part of a community. That, alongside their co workers, they’re contributing to society in general. Simply put, Canadians don’t want to feel like unappreciated robots.

Foster Community.

When your workplace is more than just a job, you’ll find your talented employees are less likely to leave. They enjoy the sense of community and belonging they have with their coworkers. Searching for new opportunities won’t just mean leaving a job anymore, it’ll mean leaving friends and a place where they’re admired and have leadership opportunities.

Team Building With Shared Adversity.

Creating a cohesive community culture is difficult. However, what many Calgary business owners have found is that the best team building happens outside of the office. Mandatory team building activities give co workers an opportunity to talk and get to know one another outside of a work-context, but simply going out for dinner often isn’t enough. This is because teams and cooperation are built by working together against shared adversity. Esxoss Manway’s escape rooms offer the perfect scenario for shared adversity within a safe, secure environment. Players are forced to interact with their environments, work together, struggle against the puzzles, and clearly communicate in order to escape the locked rooms. The whole time, the clock is ticking, and emotions can run high. This is exactly what teams are built from. Plus, it’s the perfect environment for you to see which of your employees has the leadership skills necessary to keep a cool ahead and direct the problem solving.

Do you want to help create a better community culture at your business? Then you should consider team building activities that force your employees to come together against new challenges. To schedule an adventure for your team, contact Esxoss Manway today!

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