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Keep Your Teen Close to the Family

October 1st, 2017
Esxoss Manway - Escape Rooms Calgary

As your child grows into a teen, it can be difficult to let go so they can stretch their wings and gain independence. We all know that the teen years are when friends become increasingly important and your child is learning faster than ever who they are and who they want to be, but that doesn’t mean your budding young adult doesn’t still need the support of your family. Teens who feel confident at home and as a part of your family are less likely to get into mischief. It’s your job as a parent to find new, engaging activities for you two to share now that playing hide and seek isn’t going to cut it.

Building Skills is one of the easiest ways to keep teens engaged with an activity. In the same way young children are naturally curious about the world and are always asking questions to understand how the Earth functions, teens naturally want to try new things and strive for excellence and mastery. In fact, many teens single-minded need for perfect can make it difficult for them to try new things because they’re scared of failing. Practicing low stake failing as a family is a great way to overcome this obstacle.

Try New Things.

There are so many fantastic and challenging new things for your family to try together. You can head to the Rockies for a hike, learn how to kayak, or go horseback riding. If athletics aren’t your cup of tea, you can find a new recipe on the internet to try or pick up a new board game with good reviews. If all of that sounds boring, come by Esxoss Manways, and we’ll just lock you in a room for an hour. Your family can work together to solve the clues and find your way out!

Have Fun Together.

The most important thing is that whatever activity you guys do together is rewarding and fun. This is supposed to be a positive experience that helps you to stay close. Esxoss Manway’s escape rooms are particularly good for this since we have a strict no cell-phones allowed policy. That means for the whole hour, there’s just you and your teen (and the rest of your family) locked in a room with no distractions. Our locked rooms may be the last place in Calgary where you don’t need to worry about a Facebook notification disrupting your family time!

Keeping your teen confident and out of trouble means reminding them that they have an important place in your family. Fun and engaging activities like escaping together from our locked rooms is a great way to maintain your unique parent-child bond as they get older and gain more independence. Schedule your family’s escape today!

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