Kick off the New Year with a Fresh Start and a Connected Team - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

Kick off the New Year with a Fresh Start and a Connected Team

January 2nd, 2017
Kick off the New Year with a Fresh Start and a Connected Team - Esxoss Manway - Escape Rooms Calgary

There’s just something refreshing about the New Year. It provides an opportunity to reevaluate your life and create goals to make changes. Often, these resolutions are personal: lose a little weight, get a little fitter. But we feel that the New Year is also a great time to take a hard look at your business and your employees to see how you can improve things at work as well.

Reconnect with Your Employees.

Part of being the boss is seeing some of your workers come and go. Just like you’re trying to find out what the next step for you and your business is, some of your employees may be deciding whether they see themselves working with your company for the rest of their life. Because of this, New Year’s is the ideal time to reconnect with your best talent. You want these people to stick around, so it’s a good idea to find out what they’re thinking and where they want their career to go.

Encourage Team Building.

A great way to make sure your team enjoys their work is making sure they enjoy being around the people they work with. No one is suggesting that every one of your employees needs to be best friends, but it’s ideal if they don’t mind one another’s company, can share some laughs, and respect each other’s opinions. When it comes to team building, there is no better place than Esxoss Manway. We provide interesting, engaging challenges that are require high levels of communication and teamwork. If you want to escape our locked rooms, you’ll have to work together!

Are you looking for a refreshing way to bring the team together outside of work? The escape rooms at Esxoss Manways are challenging puzzles that are fun for all ages (13+) and offer valuable opportunities for your employees to show off their leadership and communication skills outside of their comfort zone. Plus, business owners benefit from great group rates! Contact Esxoss Manways today at (403) 475-2599 to learn more.

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