Late Winter Birthday Themes - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

Late Winter Birthday Themes

April 10th, 2017
Late Winter Birthday Themes - Esxoss Manway - Escape Rooms Calgary

Looking for a fun way to spruce up your late Winter birthday? Checkout the great guide below to help you chose the theme you may be looking for.


Many teens (regardless of gender) love games. On average, girls and boys play games about equally. They just have different tastes in genre. Teen girls, statistically, prefer puzzle games and adventure games. Teen boys, statistically, prefer adventure games and sports games. If you’re a parent of a growing number of gamer-teens, then they may enjoy a game-themed party.

We recommend taking the whole group to Esxoss Manway. Our locked room adventures are like stepping through the screen into the games they love. There are puzzles to solve, adventures to be had, and interacting with one of our rooms is very similar to engaging with the spaces created in video games. We guarantee that a visit to our escape room will help your gaming-themed party be a smash success.


With the popularity of movies like The Hobbit and the Marvel cinematic universe, it’s pretty clear that people love watching characters go on grand adventures and grow into a hero. So why not use adventure as the theme for a birthday party you’re planning? You can take a page out of D&D and have the guests create a character who they roleplay as for the rest of the evening, or you can just bring your pals on a real adventure by trying something new. At Esxoss Manway, we offer three intensely engaging themes with multiple, intricate rooms to help you engage with the story and feel like you’re really exploring and trying to escape. Instead of watching Ironman save the world for the 100th time, why not be the hero of your own story?

Late winter birthday don’t have to be frustrating when you have to stay indoors, let the limitations spur your creativity instead of stifling it. Esxoss Manway is open all-year round and our escape rooms are a great activity in any season and weather. Book your birthday with Esxoss Manways today, and enjoy generous group rates.

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