Make Turning 16 an Adventure with Esxoss Manway - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

Make Turning 16 an Adventure with Esxoss Manway

August 1st, 2016
Make Turning 16 an Adventure with Esxoss Manway - Esxoss Manway - Escape Rooms Calgary

The teen years are filled with exciting birthdays. There’s 13, when you’re officially not a kid any more, and 14, when you can get your learners and finally sit behind the wheel of a vehicle. But the biggest birthday is still coming up: 16. Your teen can finally drive by themselves, they’re in highschool and looking towards their future. As the most important birthday yet, it just makes sense that the sweet sixteen gets a little extra attention.

Conveniently Located in central Calgary, you’ll find us at at #209, 5720 Macleod Trail SW —  just a hop, skip, and a jump from Chinook Centre. This is great news for mom or dad. Since we’re in such a well known area, you can have friends drive themselves (if they already have their drivers) or have their parents drop them off or pick them up at our location. You can also easily dine at one of Chinook Mall’s many food courts or restaurants. Transit it also an option. Chinook station is just down the street, so if your teen wants to party with their pals sans-parents, they can easily arrive by c-train and a quick 10 minute walk.

Great for Family and Friends.

It seems that today many teens get two birthdays. A quieter family event with their siblings, parents, and maybe grandma and grandpa, and a larger friend-centric party. Here at Esxoss Manway, we actually see quite a bit of both types of parties. And that makes sense. Our escape rooms are fun, active, and similar to video games, so we interest teenagers of all ages. But a successful escape also includes teamwork, communication, and cleverness. Attributes admired by most and frequently found in families.

Bring the Focus to What Matters.

Many parents will take the sweet sixteen as an opportunity to really spoil their teen. A second-hand car isn’t an unusual present, and often parties are huge and expensive. But we just want to remind you, that going all out in this way isn’t necessary. Quality time together, memories of new, interesting activities, and a homemade cake can sometimes say a lot more than an expensive present.

At Esxoss Manways, we make our living through blending fiction with reality. So we probably aren’t the first people you think of when you want a company that “keeps it real.” But despite our fancy artificial intelligence and daring adventures, at the core of our business is the will to bring people together to spend time and make new memories. That’s what birthdays, families, and friends are really about, and that’s what you’ll find at Esxoss Manway. Book your adventure, and race against the clock today!

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