Make This Year's Resolution Spending More Time with Your Family - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

Make This Year’s Resolution Spending More Time with Your Family

January 16th, 2017
Make This Year's Resolution Spending More Time with Your Family - Esxoss Manway - Escape Rooms Calgary

Calgarians are busy people. We were busy last year, and we’ll be busy this year. But sometimes Albertans are so focused on their jobs and providing for their family that they forget to spend time with the very family they’re working so hard to support. If it’s been too long since you last had a moment to just talk and laugh with your teenagers, we can help.

No Tech. Just You.

One of the best things about the escape room adventures at Esxoss Manway is that there’s simply no tech allowed. For an entire hour, you and your teens will be disconnected from the internet and the rest of the world. Instead, you’ll be pushing your boundaries, working together, and solving puzzles. One thing we’re often telling parents who are looking for an activity to reconnect with their teens is don’t underestimate the power of unplugging for a little while.

A Game for All Generations.

At Esxoss Manway, we pride ourselves on setting our locked rooms apart from many of the others we’ve seen. Instead of being pure, logical puzzles, our escape rooms rely on technology to allow just moving around the room in the right way to cause events. Your teen will love interacting with our rooms in the same way they’ve interacted with spaces in their video games. Sit in the right spot, move the right book, and suddenly an event happens. They can share their love of games with you, and BONUS — you won’t need to learn hot to use a joystick.

Make Your Family Your Priority.

Sometimes, we Canadians get so caught up in what we think we need to do that we miss out on our real priorities. In a few years, your teen will be off to post secondary or their first career, and you’ll miss the days of just hanging out on the sofa or cleaning up after dinner together. Our team at Esxoss Manways truly believes that family is something that should be cherished. Show your family your appreciation by giving them an hour of your time when your focus is truly on them and being with them.

When you escape from our locked rooms, there’s no work-phone to buzz or new girlfriends for your teen to text. Instead, it’s just you and your family working together, communicating, and struggling to solve the puzzle before the time runs out. Are you ready for your adventure? Call Esxoss Manway today at (403) 475-2599.

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