A New Family Tradition - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

A New Family Tradition

July 15th, 2017
A New Family Tradition - Esxoss Manway - Escape Rooms in Calgary

For many Calgary families, July is a time of excitement and a little sadness. Your teenager has graduated high school. They walked across the stage to get their diploma, and they’re now heading away to post secondary institutions all over the country. With each acceptance letter, it’s hard not get more and more excited. But it’s sad too that your teen is now growing up and is going to move out and take on the world.

As your teens grows up and your family changes, it’ll slowly become time to let some old traditions go. You won’t be picking up your teen after a theatre performance and taking them out for a soda anymore, nor will you be dropping them off at piano lessons. But we recommend creating new traditions to fill in the spaces left by old ones that are no longer relevant to your changing family.

Before your Student Leaves why not take them to Esxoss Manway and escape a locked room together as a family. Esxoss Manway is an ideal family bonding activity for many reasons. The focus, when trying to escape, is on working together to solve problems, communicating, and sharing information in order to succeed. We have a strict no cell phones allowed policy, so you and your student will be focused entirely on each other and the task at hand with no distractions. This makes it a great activity for families who will soon be going seperate ways and want some time to just reconnect and really focus on working together.

A student heading off to post secondary should be a time for celebration! Try not to worry about what you’re losing and focus on building new traditions that will help your family to stay as strong and connected as ever. If you have a student heading out of Calgary, why not book an escape room adventure at Esxoss Manway for the whole family? It can be the start of a new tradition.

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