A New Mother's Day Tradition - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

A New Mother’s Day Tradition

May 1st, 2017
A New Mother's Day Tradition - Esxoss Manway - Escape Rooms Calgary

Many of us are lucky enough to have moms who are pretty relaxed about the whole Mother’s Day thing. They like to get some flowers, a card, and maybe go out for brunch. In general, they like to spend time with you because you’re her kid (even if you haven’t been a kid for a while). But maybe it’s time to show Mom how much you love her by doing something a little above and beyond the old tired cliches.

Play Games!

When you were a kid, Mom was probably your first playmate. But most adults and teens haven’t actually played with anyone, let alone their moms, in years. Let Esxoss Manway change that! You can think of our locked rooms as a giant, real life video game. You get to play as the characters who interact with the world to solve puzzles and escape from the room. Challenge, logic, fun, and communication all in one activity.


Nothing shows Mom how much you love her like turning off your phone and really being with just her for an hour or two. We know that it can be hard to turn off work and your friends, but we make it easy. Our locked rooms have a strict no phones allowed policy, so you won’t even be tempted to sneak a peek at Snapchat or Facebook.

Enjoy Each Other’s Company.

When was the last time you and Mom got to just spend time together and reconnect? We get it, she’s your mom. She’s lived in the same house since you were yea high. She goes to the same job she’s had since you can remember, and every time you call, she tells you the same old “news” she’s told you for the past three year. But on Mother’s Day, none of that matters. And you may be surprised to find that Mom has some interesting new stories and insights once you get past the same old small talk.

This Mother’s Day, we’re challenging Calgarians to recapture play. Try to step back from the busy world and just have fun with your mom. Go for a walk in the park, play old board games, or if you’re both craving a new challenge, schedule an adventure at Esxoss Manway. We promise to put your communication and problem solving skills against some of the most challenging and fun locked rooms in the country!

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