Overcoming Team Conflict - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

Overcoming Team Conflict

May 29th, 2017
Overcoming Team Conflict - Esxoss Manway - Escape Rooms Calgary

You’re the boss, but you can’t do everything. In order to keep your clients happy and your business performing as expected, you need a team of smart employees who work well together. So what happens when you team suddenly stops working? What do you do when key team members who perform great work on their own begin to clash?

Start a Conversation.

Probably the best place to begin any conflict resolution is with a long conversation. Talk with each of your employees separately to try and sort out what’s going on. Maybe there’s been some miscommunication over a small matter. For example, many introverted employees are simply quiet and maybe even a little crabby before they’ve had their cup of coffee. But a very extroverted employee might be offended by their coworker’s perceived coolness. Starting a conversation is the best way to make sure all the fuss isn’t over nothing.

Work Around the Problem.

We don’t recommend this approach, but you could try ignoring the problem. If your team is large enough that you can simply not have the conflicting parties working together directly, then you may not want to waste time and energy trying to make them get along. Unfortunately, this is often a band aid solution that just puts off problems rather than fixing them.

Force Them Onto the Same Team.

Psychologists have found that competing parties are often fighting over resources that they both perceive as their own. Maybe the conflicting employees both have some say in similar or overlapping domains, and they’re clashing over how to best run and supervise these aspects of the business. In this case, the best thing to do is to force them onto the same team where they need to work together with shared resources towards a shared goal. A great place to practice this skill is at Esxoss Manway. Our locked rooms provide a ton of opportunity for conflicting employees to practice sharing resources and information in order for them to succeed. If they want to escape, they’re simply going to have to work together. In any case, they’ll have an hour of uninterrupted time to hash out their problems.

It’s tiring to play referee to employees who just can’t get along. Your business isn’t a grade school classroom, and your employees aren’t kindergarteners. They need to sort out their conflicts as adults, and if you think a shared challenge like escaping from a mental institution or hiding from Nazis will help, then sign them up at Esxoss Manway. Besides, it’s just sort of fun to say you literally locked two feuding employees in a room together until they sorted their problems out.

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