Should You Pause Your Weekly Team Building Over Summer? - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

Should You Pause Your Weekly Team Building Over Summer?

July 29th, 2017
Should You Pause Your Weekly Team Building Over Summer? - Esxoss Manway - Escape Rooms in Calgary

Many businesses in Calgary slow down a little over the summer. Stampede can be an especially quiet time around the office, but even into August you may wonder if it makes sense to continue with regular staff meetings or team building when nothing seems to be happening very quickly.

How Many People are Out of Office?

The first thing to figure out is how many people missing is too many people missing. If half your office is out on vacation, then likely your team building initiative is going to miss its mark. In general, as long as you’re missing less than 15% of your team, we’d recommend continuing with your regular schedule. Things like weekly meetings and team building take time to become habits, but these good habits are quickly broken and forgotten. If you can avoid interrupting your usual schedule, it’ll be easier to get back on track once fall arrives.

Don’t Underestimate the Value.

On the surface, it can sometimes feel like team building doesn’t really benefit your business. What’s locking your employees in a room and giving them an hour to work together and escape really accomplishing after all? But having employees who know how to communicate and work with one another is priceless. Any group efforts will go smoother, communication in the company should be more straightforward, and you won’t be breaking up petty arguments and rivalries that take time and far too much energy to deal with. Team building is one of the easiest ways to create a workplace culture that helps to foster new talent and keep great employees around. Nobody wants to work in an office where everyone bickers, and you’ll need veteran employees to share the responsibility of training the new blood.

Team building is a useful investment for your team. It helps everyone to work together better, it creates a healthier community culture, and it’s just fun. If you want to help your employees to function better as a team and plan a team building activity that everyone looks forward to all week, contact the locked room adventure experts at Esxoss Manway. And don’t forget to keep you team building activities going all summer long.

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