Planning a Winter Birthday for your Teen - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

Planning a Winter Birthday for your Teen

November 10th, 2017
Planning a Winter Birthday for your Teen - Esxoss Manway - Locked Room Adventures

As a December baby, I feel qualified to confirm that winter birthdays can be a little underwhelming. This is especially true for teens who may be busy studying for January exams or whose friends have vanished for a family vacation over the holidays. We understand that between October and December, all the holidays can lead to families feeling a financial pinch. Plus with all the family and friends coming over, you may just be extra tired. But it’s important that your teen still feels extra loved on their birthday.

While going to the beach isn’t an option, there are still many fun options for Calgary teens with winter birthday. Heading to the theatre is often a popular choice, but at Esxoss Manway, we feel seeing a movie may be a bit overrated. After all, you don’t actually get to talk with your friends while the movie is playing! In our opinion, an escape room adventure is easily one of the best options for a winter birthday party, and here’s why.

No Distractions!

We have a strict no cell phones allowed rule. Nowadays, it seems many teens’ idea of hanging out is having 3 to 10 friends in the same room all staring at their own phone. If you’d rather your teen’s birthday includes them actually talking to their friends, then a fun, engaging activity like escaping a locked room with a clear no-phones-allowed policy may be the perfect thing.

Easy to Plan.

Because each escape attempt is given exactly an hour, you can easily plan the rest of your teen’s party around their locked room adventure. Just have them arrive 15 minutes before their escape begins, and come back to pick them up an hour later. This gives you an easy schedule to work around when planning the birthday dinner, and you can even take the hour as an opportunity to finish up last minute details, like picking up the cake or finding the perfect card.

Trying to find something novel and different for your teen’s winter birthday party? Why not schedule an escape with Esxoss Manway? We even offer special discounts for birthdays! For groups of 8 or more, everyone enjoys 10% off and the birthday boy or girl gets to play for free. Esxoss Manway offers some of the most dramatic and interesting locked rooms in Calgary. Book your teen’s birthday escape now at (403) 475-2599.

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