Reconnect with your Teen Before they Head Back to School - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

Reconnect with your Teen Before they Head Back to School

August 8th, 2016
Reconnect with your Teen Before they Head Back to School - Esxoss Manway - Escape Rooms Calgary

Wow, while winter always seems to drag her heels, summer always zips by. We’ve been very busy providing adventures for young Calgarians away from school, and we’re a little sad (but also a little excited) that things will are going to quiet down for a while. But with summer vacation almost finished, we’re not the only ones with mixed feelings, so if this August is flying away too fast and you feel like you haven’t got to spend any time with your teen at all, now’s the time to fix that!

Tons of Fun!

When Calgary parents need to reconnect with their teen, they choose Esxoss Manway. We understand why. The real world, concrete game-play parents grew up with effortlessly blends with the skills their teen has acquired playing video games. We’re one of the few places, where parents and teens can play together without one party being bored or confused. Our escape rooms are carefully designed to be challenging and engaging for players of all ages, and we love providing the neutral ground between the old style of gaming and the new.

No Entitlement.

Once upon a time, shopping was the prefered reconnecting-activity for teens and their parents. But while this is often a great deal for your teen — new outfits for school, awesome! Frequently, parents are left feeling like an unappreciated, sentient money-bag. A necessary part of the shopping experience that teens merely endure to get the newest sneakers. That’s just one of the reasons parents prefer reconnecting with their kid at Esxoss Manway. For an hour, we take materiality out of your life. It’s just you and your teen in a room having an adventure. We’ve seen how great Calgary’s teens can be, and we know you’ll gain a new appreciation for spending time with your kid when they’re too busy escaping to ask for 30 bucks.

Really Communicate.

The distraction of new things to buy isn’t the only thing we give you a break from. During your hour escaping, you and your teen will also need to hand over your cells.

With no friends or work constantly requesting your attention, you’ll get an hour to really connect, work together, and talk. And hey, when the hour’s done, you can always head out for dinner and just not turn the phones back on. Cell-free parent-kid nights are some of the most rewarding for both you and your teen.

Has the summer slipped through your fingertips? Will your teen soon be heading back to school, or worse — moving to a new province for college? During the teen years, your kid will have a lot of pressure to be cool and hang out with friends. It can be tough to maintain the strong connection you had when they were younger. Esxoss Manway prides itself on offering a space where families can come together and really talk and work as a team. Book your adventure today!

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