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Reward Your Teen with an Escape Room

June 20th, 2016
Reward Your Teen with an Escape Room - Esxoss Manway - Escape Rooms Calgary

When you’ve lived with someone for 15 years and watched them grow from infant to near-adult, it can be a bit hard to remember that this person in front of you has their own ideas and opinions and aren’t the little kid who once took your word for everything anymore. Parents often feel a sense of loss as they say good bye to their child and hello to their new teenager. It can be easy to dislike the changes and hard to appreciate all the amazing things your kid’s doing now they’re old enough to do their own laundry (finally!) and drive. You may not understand their new interests (what the heck is Halo?) and you may be on the receiving end of some sass, but your teen is still your kid. You love them, and when they work hard, you want to reward them.

A Reward for Great Grades.

The end of school is always an exciting time for teens. But with big exams and a lot to know, the pressure is on. All the research shows that positive reinforcement is the best way to encourage your teen to do the studying they need to get the marks they want. So when the tests are written and your kid finally has some time to relax, we recommend giving them a big reward. Send your teen and their friends on an adventure with Esxoss Manway!

A Reward for Big Improvement.

While straight A’s are great, sometimes the heart and time that goes into earning a B or C is just a big. Maybe your 11th grader finds physics is driving him crazy or your 12th grader can’t wrap her mind around Shakespeare. Often kids struggle in one subject or another, and schools rarely recognize the effort that goes into taking a D and making a C+ or a B-. Fortunately, you’re there to be your child’s cheerleader and remind them that doing okay in a course that’s hard for them is just as good as doing great in a class that comes easy. So if you’ve been hitting the books hard with your teen to help them study for their exam, take them out to our escape room! It’ll give you two an opportunity to continue building your relationship on your feet and using your brain.

A Reward for Doing the Right Thing.

Excellent grades and being the star hockey player are great and all, but there’s something even more important: doing the right thing. During the teen years, being inclusive, watching your friend’s back, or making a hard call can be extra tricky. Junior high and high school kids aren’t known for being friendly to outsiders or calling an adult when things go wrong. If you notice your teen is making an extra effort to include a challenged student, or they tell an adult when someone is in trouble (even if it means some of their friends are mad at them), it’s important to show them that doing the right things is important and should be rewarded.

We already know your teen is amazing. At Esxoss Manway, we see a lot of Calgary teens, and they’re a pretty great bunch. We hope to see your kids even more frequently as summer begins and courses finish. If you think your kid is exceptional, and you want to give them a reward they’ll remember, why not schedule an adventure with Esxoss Manway today?

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