Thursday Night Family Escape Nights - Esxoss Manway Escape Room

Thursday Night Family Escape Nights

September 20th, 2017
Thursday Night Family Escape Nights - Esxoss Manway - Escape Room Games Calgary

As your teen gets older, it only becomes more and more difficult to stay close and share the special relationship you had with them when they were a mere preschooler. As teens get older, friends tend to get more and more important while family can be quietly forgotten until they grow up a bit. In some ways, this is actually a good sign. It means that your teen feels secure enough in their relationship with you to know they can go out with friends all the time without needing to worry that you suddenly won’t love them. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea to gently remind them that family should still be an important part of their life.

Keep Your Teen Out of Trouble

Teens who are engaged in extracurricular activities and family time are significantly less likely to cause mischief. This is likely due to most benign teen misbehaviour being attributed to boredom, peer pressure, and lack of confidence. Having your teen in a sport or artistic pursuit or other club where they can gain and show off their skills will help them to have confidence and be surrounded by peers that lead them towards achievement. When they’re aren’t busy earning scout badges or a sportsmanship award, the whole family can escape from a locked room. Escape rooms take a lot of communication, leadership, and problem solving. Working as a part of the family to overcome the challenge will help them feel like a meaningful part of something great.

Stay Connected with Each Other

The best thing about a family escape night is that our locked rooms create an opportunity to really reconnect with everyone while also having fun and conquering challenges. Siblings who frequently squabble may escape with a new sense of respect for each other, as they see how their differences allowed them to contribute to the escape in different but important ways.

As your family grows up, it’s only natural that your teens will become more independent and want to stretch their boundaries. Give them the space to grow, but also let them test their new leadership skills and abilities from within the family. If you want to schedule a great activity that’s fun and challenging, contact Esxoss Manways today.

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