Why Pick Our Calgary Escape Room | Esxoss Manway Escape Rooms

Why Choose Our Escape Room Experience

Thanks to the popularity of Escape Rooms, there are more and more of them popping up all over Alberta. Unfortunately, not all of them are crafted with the same care and expertise as our themes at Esxoss Manway. Each of our themes was constructed by a team of designers who visited hundreds of escape rooms across the globe. Technology and fiction were blended perfectly to create an ideal, action-orientated gaming experience instead of just a simple, logic puzzle. But our well-thought-out themes are just one of the reasons Calgarians choose us over the rest.


Excellent Location!

Esxoss Manway is conveniently located just a hop, skip, and a jump from Chinook Centre. We’re so close to the Chinook C-train station, that if you don’t want to drive (or aren’t old enough to), you can just take transit. However, our location also has a parking lot, so if you prefer to drive, you won’t need to worry about street parking.


Thorough Sets!

Instead of just one puny room, our themes include fleshed-out fictional worlds. Each theme’s set includes (on average) four rooms. Plus, we’ve integrated technology into many of the props and even the furniture, so that moving the right item or sitting on the right spot will trigger an in-game event. Because of this, we recommend treating the fictional universe similar to a real one. Leaf through books, sit in chairs, experiment with your environment. Of course, our sets are a little more magical than the real world, so keeping an open mind or trying something silly may help you to find the hidden secrets.


Between our excellent themes, convenient location, detailed rooms, and friendly staff, it’s hard for us to imagine why Calgarians would choose anywhere else for their escape.